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him. president obama and vice president obama to rally support for gun control support. the president attended a conference at the westin. biden was joined by lawmakers and celebrities such as actress amanda peetee and singer tony bennett. >> assault weapons were invented for war. it should not be on our streets. >> the president will return to the white house just before 1:00 this afternoon. president obama will address the issue of gun control during his state of the union address next tuesday. secretary of state john kerry will officially be sworn in this afternoon. vice-president joe biden will leave the ceremony at the state department at 4:00. kerrey has spent a few days on the job, taking the reins from hillary clinton. he will be welcomed on the post monday. he spent the weekend on the phone with world leaders getting ready for his job. as he moves in, president obama is moving a special member of his team the one responsible for this message -- >> the will and the determination of the american people change this country. >> president obamas's speech writer is stepping down. h
. president obama will talk strategy with senate democrats today, looking to gain support for his ambitious second-term agenda that includes guns, immigration and the looming budget war. the president arrived in maryland in the last hour where he's going to spend the day in annapolis. it's his first chance to speak to senators directly about his proposed quick fix to avoiding the sequester with the acts about to fall in just a matter of weeks. now the sequester, which is a doomsday machine of $1.2 trillion in cuts, the pentagon would take the brunt of that blow with the rest of the pain coming to domestic programs. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction. and it will stay that way as long as there aren't any more self-inflicted wounds coming out of washington. so let's keep on chipping away at this problem together, as democrats and republicans, to give our workers and our businesses the support that they need to thrive in the weeks and months ahead. >> the president's called for a fix of short-term spending cuts and tax reform hit a brick on capitol hill. politico reporti
. i was there in the whiter house briefing room yesterday when president obama came out and called on congress to take action to avoid those massive cuts to pentagon spending known as the sequester which kick in march 1st. if march can't pass a big bill, they ought to pass a small bill to delay the sequester for a few more months. house republicans led by john boehner immediately said no way. here we go again. the party of no opposing anything obama wants. we will tell you about that. also tell you the latest on drones and a lot more here on the full court press. but first, let's get the latest. lisa ferguson is here. well, she is not here. she is in los angeles with today's current news update. hi, lisa. good morning. >> close enough. los angeles, d.c. good morning, everyone. the president is in annapolis today after 10:00 this morning and atends the conference at the western annapolis hotel. vice president biden is swearing in john kerry as secretary at state from the state department and then later this evening, he is speaking at the house democr
a brick on capitol hill. politico reporting that obama's plan dead on arrival, and house speaker john boehner was speaking on capitol hill, right now saying that his party plans to stand with the american people and we want to show you exactly what he had to say about that yesterday. >> on two occasions has passed a plan to replace the sequester. it's time for the senate democrats to do that work. it's time for the president to offer his ideas about how to replace the sequester. >> his first answer to everything is new taxes. and when you think about it, what happened in january, he got $600 billion in new revenue, where were the spending cuts? now again he wants to raise taxes. i think it's time for us to cut spending. >> now with 1,379 days gone since the last time congress passed a budget and with the country poised to take a poison pill of cuts, what will it take? >> not passing a budget is shameful. and now you have the president saying well, i'm against the sequester cuts. well okay, great. well what are you going to replace them with? >> the republicans have other ideas. put th
and months ahead. >> the sequester is coming. can president obama get congress to act in time? good morning, i'm bill karins. this is "way too early," the show that feels better after running straight to wikipedia. sequestration, the legal procedure which automatic spending cuts are triggered. now i get it. thanks for being up with us on this wednesday, february 6th. we have a lot to cover including a dire warning from the congressional budget office on the long term fiscal health and one that couldn't have come at a worst time for the president. marco rubio weighed on the age-old debate, tupac or biggy? first, let's ge to the news in new york city. we begin with the white house position on the u.s. government's drone campaign. a justice department memo obtained by nbc news revealed new details in how the attacks are justified despite drawing criticism from civil liberties groups, top administrative officials insist it is consistent with the constitution. >> we conduct those strikes because they're necessary to mitigate on going actual threats to stop plots, prevent future attacks and, agai
is considered the architect of the obama administration's drone campaign. "the washington post" reveals that the u.s. has been operating the secret drone base for the last two years. brennan played a key role in negotiating the base with the saudi kingdom. meanwhile, charlottesville, virginia, has become the first city in the country to pass a resolution restricting use of drones by law enforcement. >>> president obama's asking law makers to take quick action as a march for a deadline approaches that will trigger deep spending cuts signalling that more time is negotiated a broader deal. he urged lawmakers to delay the sequester. but coming up with a limited package of spending cuts and tax reforms. nearly $1 trillion of domestic and defense spending hanging in the balance, the president said the impact is already being felt. >> we've also seen the effects of political dysfunction can have on our economic progress. the drawn out process for resolving the fiscal cliff hurt consumer confidence. the threat of massive automatic cuts have already strt r staart affect business decisions. so wh
tarde el presidente barack obama y lideres de organizaciones comunitarias para discutir el tema de inmigracion. silvana quiroz con el informe camino a la reforma migratoria. in: muchas gracias mario, estoy en este momento en dupont circle. hace unos minutos nada mas estuve haciendole entrevistas a las personas que transitaban a esta hora por aqui acerca de la reforma migratoria ya que hoy en la capital fue un dia muy ocupado. lideres comunitarios se reunieron para hablar de este tema y esto fue lo que nos dijeron... pkg el tema del día en la capital, reforma migratoria en la casa blanca una reunión a puerta cerrada con organizaciones comunitarias segun gustavo torres de casa de maryland los puntos que podrian considerars e... sot: gustavo torres primero, asegurarse que haya la legalizacion con derecho a ciudadania para los inmigrantes. once millones de personas se van a nacionalizar , el dream act esta incluido como parte de esta legalizacion. y numero dos, numero tres, la reunificacion familiar. es bien clave que los inmigrantes que tengan a su familia, se puedan reunificar,
presidente barack obama se reunia con jefes ejecutivos de varias companias y activistas hispanos para discutir tambien el tema migratorio y la reduccion del deficit... fernando pizarro nos amplia... la camara de representantes inicio oficialmente el debate por 1 reforma migratoria, invitando al alcalde de san antonio julian castro y a expertos sobre inmigracion.el p capitolio seria sobre ofrecer un camino especial a la ciudadania para los indocumentados, algo que muchos republicanos no apoyan. rep. raul labrador (r-idaho) 1 camino especial no voy a apoyar, pero no tengo ningun problema con las personas que se legalicen que puedan aplicar por el camino que existe en este momento. organizaciones migratorias, sindicales, de derechos civiles y empresariales se reunieron con el presidente este martes para exigir que la ciudadania para los inmigrantes no tenga obstaculos.marielena hincapie, nacional de ley de inmigracion es que nuestra comunidad esta exigiendo que tengamos 1 camino hacia la ciudadania que sea claro, directo, sin impedimentos. cristina jimenez, united we dream lo que nosotro
wrote to president obama asking for the underlining memos that the administration still has approdeclined to provide to congress. 11 senators signed that. a total of eight democrats and three republicans. democrat ron wyden was leading the charge on a letter. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee patrick leahy was on the letter on the democratic side. on the republican side, a motley crew of senators. you had mike lee of utah, grassley of iowa, susan collins of maine. that sort of indication of where you get concerned about the drone issue on the hill. you see a smattering of liberal democrats concerned in the house and a small handful of libertarian-leaning republicans that have expressed concerns on this issue. host: these underlying memos that the members of congress want, do they have to do with just drone strikes in general, drone strikes that have occurred against other alleged al qaeda operatives? guest: they may not happen to withdraw on strikes in general. they might have to do with drone strikes in specific. one of the issues that came up here is our anwar
time it will drop a trillion dollars under president obama. martha: but with baby boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 people a day. entitlement spending is set to explode. stuart, as we pointed out, there is a lot of enthusiasm that we won't rack up a trillion dollar deficit. >> reporter: the headline was all about the deficit is going to be below a trillion dollars. that's great news. the bad news and there is a lot of it. the next 10 years medicare will cost $1 trillion a year. obama-care subsidies will total nearly a trillion dollars. the cost of medicaid will double and the debt will go to the highest portion of tour economy than it's been in a generation. there is dismal views on the current state of the economy. 1.4% growth this year and the unemployment rate will rise at 8% and stay that way for years to come. martha: the cbo makes very clear we need to do some entitlement work and recraft these programs if we want them to be our for our children. why does the administration not appear to be too concerned about doing that. >> reporter: you have to ask, is deficit reductio
scoop and interview with the stars. and why does president obama think it is okay to kill americans ? what does he care? it is not like they are his fellow country men. and babies wearing perfume? the story so bad it stinks. greg? >> happy anniversary, greg? >> anniversary? >> you forgot, didn't you? >> what anniversary. >> what is the anniversary of? >> well, we met in a bar on 9th avenue about eight years ago. you were watering a tight t-shirt and i was crying in the corner because someone rolled me. >> i didn't know that was you. i didn't realize something happened? >> i appreciate your compassion and i will never forget that moment. >> it was something like that. >> actually it is the "red eye" anniversary. we are six years and one hour old. >> that is so true. i have had enough of talking to you. >> go away. >> let's welcome our guest. >> she is so british she sleeps in a tea kettle. i am here with i'm ma -- immogen lloyd webber. her later book is called "the twitter diaries." and georgia attorney patrick milsaps. and in san francisco he is considered a go cart. it is my repuls
march 1st. president obama is now urging congress to come up with a short-term deal while a longer- term deal is worked out. republicans are standing firm saying they want certain spending cuts and no new tax hikes. >> the president believes that congress ought to take action to buy down the sequester in a balanced way which we did in december so we know what the model looks like to achieve t we would work with congress on the composition of that package. >> this is no greater more imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt that is facing us, our children and theirs. and our house republican majority stands ready for the president and his party to join us and actually tackle the big problems facing this country. >> the sequester was created as a compromise between republicans and democrats on fiscal cliff the matters at the end of last year. >>> a decision today could pave the way for the boy scouts of america to allow gay scouts and scout leaders. the organize's national executive board is meeting at its headquarters in irving, texas and is expected to rule on the controversial pol
, president obama will prevent the 2012 presidential citizens metal to the six teachers and school administrators as they tried to protect students at the sandy hook elementary school. they will receive the awards posthumously at the white house. obama will present relatives with the medal which goes to the citizens of the united states of america who have performed exemplary deeds for the country and for their fellow citizens. >>> two people were pulled from a frozen pond in new york's central park. take a look at the cell phone video posted on youtube of the rescue. witnesses say the two tourists woke out on the ice and it broke beneath their weight. one man was able to get out of the pond on his own, but the other couldn't. witnesses say he was in the water for about 15 minutes but was helped to get out and he got out safely. >> when he first fell in, he was scrambling, trying to come out and i didn't think he was going to make it because he just stopped moving. >> come on, buddy. >> rescue crews had to bring in a ring to the man in the water. the police officers then went in t
and glitz team visit to new orleans. >> president obama is asking the congress to head off those automatic spending cuts that could hurt the economy, if they kick in if scheduled march 1. the president is proposing a smaller budget deal now and a bigger one later. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> president obama is calling on congress to stop massive automatic spending cuts with a short-term fix. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction. it will stay that way as long as there aren't anymore self- inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> congress and the president signed off on the automatic cuts to force themselves to deal with the nation's skyrocketing debt. the original deadline was january 1, and when they couldn't reach a larger budget deal then, they postponed it to march 1. >> the white house wants another short-term fix to head off a hit to the fragile economy and give lawmakers more time to work out a ten-year plan. >> we should give them the chance to come up with this budget instead of making cuts now that will cost us jobs and significantly slow
in a letter. >> nothing like getting a job well done from the commander in chief. today president obama called the ravens coach and general manager to congratulate them on. winning the super on here is a portion of that phone call. -- winning the super bowl. here's a portion of that phone call >> i just wanted to say congratulations. for you to stay steady the way you did is a great feat. >> thank you. sometimes the greatest accomplishments are born from diversity and our guys prove that. >> you and me we should try to do things easy or smoothes. [laughter] >> i would like to know what it feels like. it has never happened to me. but it was a great game. you know, we are going to investigate who was behind the whole black out thing, though. >> how cool is that? the president also talked about how moved he and the first lady were by the story of the former ravens lemberg oj dynamos with lou gehrig's's disease = = tjhe former ravens linebacker oj, diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease. >> what the president says congress needs to do fast. cart we need golf zones for highways? >> some snow showers.
miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> president obama was in annapolis previewing his plans for this term. >> much more on the big deadline in washington, d.c. >> high-school football stars make their pick on where they will play for college. later in sports. >> a storm forming on the coast could impact or whether for friday >> president obama is hoping to get more democrats behind with his plans for this term. that is where the president addressed democrats at a closed- door democratic retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union address in hopes of getting more lawmakers on board with his push for immigration reform and a ban on assault weapons. >> the next major deadline is march 1, when a budget deal leaves to be reached. it is not the so-called sequestration will force mandatory reductions in military spending. army training and air force flying hours and global naval operations will shrink. also cuts looming in the social services. some republicans said push the deadline back seven months but house speaker john boehner said he will not blank. not blank in effect. >> i ha
reforms next week based on that report. linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> president barack obama will be in the state capitol of annapolis. the president is heading there to address u.s. senate democrats during their annual retreat. the event is an opportunity for each cause to talk about the strategy for the upcoming year and a calmer -- in a calmer setting than our nation's capitol. >>> jurors are still trying to come up with a verdict in the felicia barnes murder trial. day three of deliberations will begin this morning. jurors got the case on monday and spent yesterday going over all the evidence. late in the afternoon they asked to watch two videotapes the state showed earlier in the trial. jurors wanted to see surveillance video from wal- mart of the defendant, michael johnson, buying a plastic tub. they also rewatched that infamous sex tape involving involving johnson, barnes and two other people. the state says johnson killed barnes and dumped her body in the susquehanna river. his attorneys say they never proved motive. stay with abc 2 news. brian will be in the courtro
online. i was blown away that "the washington post" published a story regarding michelle obama, the first lady's physique and that they did this because of something that a high school football coach said in a small alabama town. that was their excuse for doing the story. >> oh, right. i just thought it was way out of line. >> that's a poor excuse because i believe whoever made the comments was just some random person. >> it was a random high school football coach in a small town. and he said it in private, willie. and suddenly "the washington post" is using this as an excuse to talk about the first lady's, as they said, derriere, posterior? "the washington post," really? you go to a small town in alabama with a high school football coach who makes a statement in private, and this is your lead? i don't even talk about the story if you can even call it that. let's jaus talk about the standards, willie, of "the washington post." what was that about? >> that's an odd peg to a story. that was a recorded coach in a locker room, one of the kids in the locker room recorded him saying some pretty
to reach her. brian, over to you. >>brian: president obama has never been to israel and blew up a recent face-to-face with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. so why is he now going to visit israel on march 20? jeremiah, why now? >> the invitation was extended by president perez of israel and the prime minister asked president obama to attend during a recent phone call. so it's going to be very, very interesting. there's an awful lot of issues at play here come spring. >>brian: most people think he's going to look to jump-start talks with the palestinian authority. you think differently. you think this is going to be about iran, don't you? >> absolutely. a recent estimate came out by probably the leading national security think tank in israel that said come july of this coming summer, iran will have the capability, they would have passed that red line to build a nuclear weapon. so you can imagine sitting in that room and perhaps -- perhaps -- the prime minister of israel begins briefing the president on their plans to bomb iran, and the response from president obama would be quite interes
.com/gas for a map of the lowest prices in the bay area. >>> president obama is asking congress to head off automatic spending cuts that kick in march 1. he says they could hurt the economy. and the president is proposing a smaller budget deal now and a bigger one later. cbs reporter danielle nottingham explains. >> reporter: president obama is calling on congress to stop massive automatic across-the- board spending cuts with a short-term fix. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction, and it will stay that way as long as there aren't any more self-inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> reporter: last year congress and the president signed off on the automatic cuts to force themselves to deal with the nation's skyrocketing debt. the original deadline was january 1st. and when they couldn't reach a larger budget deal then, they postponed it to march 1st. the white house wants another short-term fix to head off a hit to the fragile economy and give lawmakers more time to work out a 10-year plan. >> we should give them the chance to co
. the latest as jodi arias takes the agenda. she could face a withering cross-examination. >>> president obama plans a trip to israel. what it could mean for his dicey relationship with benjamin netanyahu and our role in this volatile region. >>> how being facebook friends with someone could mean a big change in the courtroom. it is all "happening now." jenna: i don't think we're facebook friends, are we. jon: i don't think so. jenna: is that okay for our relationship? jon: that's a good thing. jenna: i think might be a good thing. jon: there is a cloud of controversy though hanging over the president's choice to lead the cia good wednesday morning to, to you, i'm jon scott. this is my nonfacebook friend. jenna: we're all friends. this is on a bigger level. i'm jenna lee. we're glad to have you as we look at this big story. john brennan gears up for his confirmation hearings tomorrow and he could face resistance from republicans democrats and some of the president's really usual supporters. it will come on a number of issues. all of this questioning, potential controversy from the program that
posible reforma migratoria, republicanos cuestionan el plan de obama de crear una vÍa a la ciudadanÍa. un abogado asegura saber dÓnde se originaron las denuncias contra el senador menÉndez. y 500 aÑos despuÉs sabremos el rostro de un sanguinario rey. comenzamos. ♪ ♪ >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con marÍa elena salinas. ♪ ♪ >>> buenas noches. y comenzamos con la violaciÓn a 6 turistas en el puerto de acapulco, un grupo armado atÓ a los hombres que estaban con ellas y luego las violÓ, el alcalde hizo las cosas peores cuando dijo que eso ocurrÍan en todas partes del mundo, eso fue lo que dijo, luego se disculpÓ. el caso es que los responsables siguen libres y acapulco, guerrero y mÉxico siguen siendo lugares peligrosos. jaime garcÍa cuenta lo que pasÓ. >>> un hecho que provocÓ indignaciÓn internacional 6 mujeres espaÑoles fueron violadas en la zona turÍstica conocida como acapulco. >>> llegaron 5 personas armadas y fueron sometidos. >>> las 6 vÍctimas son parte de un grupo de 13 turistas, incluyendo 6 hombres espaÑoles, y tambiÉn robaron dinero y cÁmaras
. >> that was jeff hager reporting. even president obama was impressed. he called them to congratulate them on their victory. as happy as you were that the ravens won you may have felt bad for the 49ers. they said this is not the ending we planned for. >> it doesn't feel good to be home. i figure i would be out in the ba hams celebrating the victory. it our time. >> the players say they won't be broken by the loss and hope to use it as fuel to be back for the super bowl and win next year. think emit telling him to restrain player i am baby jod oh from same sex marriage. he receives what he calls a cautionary letters from a joint committee. they criticized him to use official letterhead to write the letter but didn't recommend further action. >>> today's scouts and their family's are pushing for the policy of the scouts. >> even though my discounts and parents love me and thank me for all the hard work based on this archaic policy. >> a substantial amount of life. sexuality is not one of them and never has been and doesn't need to be. that's the real issue going on here. >> the supreme court
. local troops could establish the policy for themselves. president obama heads to annapolis to speak at the state democratic senate caucus retreat. he wants a short-term package to attack a larger problem later. >> lance armstrong has until the end of the day to speak with an agency. if not, his lifetime ban would be irreversible. last month he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> time to take a look at your morning commute. this is 95 towards the fort mchenry, 55 miles per hour. howard county, no problems on the north or west side of the beltway. 62 on 70 down towards 29. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> there is a little cloud cover. there could be some sprinkles or flurries this morning. 28 in cockeysville. temperatures in the upper 20's and low 30's this afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. >> 29 degrees at the airport. there is no question traffic is set mess. >> how much time should you allow. >> the post office getting ready for cutbacks faster than expected. >> welcome back. 37 degrees downtown. nothing
. the officer was treated and released. >>> an obama memo authorizing drone attacks against u.s. dozens working with terrorists over seas, the justice department says the government doesn't need evidence that an attack is imminent, just that the suspect is actively plotting against the united states. >>> president obama is headed to israel. the white house confirms the president will be in the west bank of jordan coming up in march. this is going to be the first time he's visited the country since he took office. mitt romney jumped on that fact during the last election claiming the president doesn't support the jewish state. the white house maintains president obama has a solid relationship with israeli leaders. >>> a 6.9 magnitude quake off the solomons islands has destroyed dozens of homes. the quake struck at 11:00 a.m. local time prompting warnings and watches from several island chains but most were canceled. >>> 6:04. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> you've probably gotten your w2s in the mail recently. that means tax season is getting started. it's also apparently
. president obama has asked congress to come up with billions of dollars in limited spending cuts to avoid across the board cuts due to take effect in march. >> the president is hoping to avoid the major sequestration that stands to impact tens of thousands of jobs in the d.c. area. fox's jennifer davis has more. >> the president has a message for congress about a looming budget deadline. >> deep, indiscriminate cuts to things like education and training, energy and national security will cost us jobs. and it will slow down our recovery. >> reporter: those jobs are at risk for the sequester takes effect in march. the president is asking lawmakers to find targeted short-term cuts to keep the economy moving and buy more time to craft a longer-term deal. >> our economy is headed in the right direction. it will stay that way as lodge as there aren't any more self- inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> reporter: the senate remains deeply divided. >> the sooner we solve our spending problem, the sooner our jobs problem will go away as well. >> reporter: house republicans say they've twic
? it was just amazing. >> there was a large crowd when president obama came through four years ago. it was a great day. >> 6:07. do you think your commute is bad? you can share your commuting horror stories. >> a potential landmark day for the boy scouts of america as they consider changing their previous ban on gays in the organization. that is when we come back. >> we're previewing an event >> we're previewing an event inspired by >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. but see what is going on. we are tracking an incident on the west side. there could be some delays. 50 on the j.f.x. heading down to the city. 55 on southbound 95 and a speech continues down to the fort mchenry -- and those speeds continue down to the fort mchenry. westbound 50 air route eight, the incident is clear. ava marie is joining us from the marriott waterfront. it looks like you'll talked chocolate. >> my favorite ingredient. temperatures are near the freezing mark the airport. there may be a flurry this morning. nothing major. more
prosecutors say they had nothing to do with it. i am jayne miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> president obama was in annapolis previewing his plans for this term. >> much more on the big deadline in washington, d.c. >> high-school football stars make their pick on where they will play for college. later in sports. >> a storm forming on the coast could impact or whether for friday >> president obama is hoping to get more democrats behind with his plans for this term. that is where the president addressed democrats at a closed- door democratic retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union address in hopes of getting more lawmakers on board with his push for immigration reform and a ban on assault weapons. >> the next major deadline is march 1, when a budget deal leaves to be reached. it is not the so-called sequestration will force mandatory reductions in military spending. army training and air force flying hours and global naval operations will shrink. also cuts looming in the social services. some republicans said push the deadline back seven months but house speaker john
next week based on the report. linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> president obama will be in annapolis. he's going to talk strategy with u.s. senate democrats at a closed-door retreat. the president is expected to discuss financial matters as well as gun control and immigration. >>> also today governor martin o'malley will testify on the gun control bill. he'll appear before senate judicial proceedings committee in annapolis. the governor wants to ban assault-style guns and require restrictions for handguns. the measure would also set aside in the state budget for safety. >>> police are still trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing just as the raven's victory celebration was wrapping up yesterday. the victims sadly are three teenagers. this happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon in downtown baltimore. one of those victims was killed, the two others seriously hurt. it's not yet clear now why teens were down there for that parade, how this possibly happened that led to one person being dead. >>> speaking of the celebration itself, head coach john harbaugh told fans they were
responses. the obama administration is under fire for its controversial drone program. now the white house is defending its right to target americans without due process. we wanted to know do you think that anything is okay in protecting our homeland or is it over the line. kathy from arkansas said i want our homeland protected at any cost. i'm terrified terrorists will attack the country. david from south carolina said we're becoming too dependent on technology to fight terrorism. we need an influx of human intelligence. >> thanks everyone who responded. we appreciate it. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. i'm gretchen carlson. it's wednesday, february 6, 2013. thanks for sharing your time today. what a difference four years make. democrats now say it is their right to kill americans as they see fit, the same party who said it was wrong for george bush to torture terrorists. is there hypocrisy? >>steve: come get your gun insurance. good idea? what do you think? we're going to report and you decide. >>brian: a good lesson for anyone. why it is nev
obama's call for more tax increases on the rich and put off spending cuts. tax and spend, it lives on and so does our massive debt. reality check, "varney & company" is about to begin. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. >> first up this wednesday morning, gas prices, yes, they are still on the rise. national average for regular up more than a penny, now at 3.54. just in the past month the price of gas spiked about 25 cents a gallon. the underlying price of oil right now we're down, $95 per barrel. while gas prices are going up, president obama is focused on climate change. at the state of the union next week, the president plans to announce he'll use executive power to curb carbon at power plants. and he made an indication in his inaugural speech. here is some of that. >> we will respond to the threat of climate change knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. some may still deny t
way out. >>> remember when president obama said this? >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> if you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor. you can keep your plan. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. [applause] >> no one will take it away. no matter what. >> well, mr. president, why are seven million people about to lose theirs? hey, doc, seven million and counting, right? >> it's because the congressional budget office said this week that the 3.5 million they thought were going to leave employer-based insurance over the next decade is actually seven million. you know what? it's probably a lot more than that for many residential. first of all, employers can't afford the plan, they can't afford the idea to cover families. the estimate out of the irs is it will be approximately $20,000 per person to cover a family of five. people can't afford that. also, obama care limits the amount you're allowed to pay into the plan, so employers are going to say wait a minute. the e
health services as a way to prevent violence. president obama will and he tend a retreat for senate democrats. is expected to try to unify the democratic conference. he is working on selling them his strategy for tackling immigration, gun control and other budget problems. the meeting is set for 10:30 >>> the 2012 presidential citizens medals will be awarded to the 6 educators that were killed at the shootings there at sandy hook elementary school. family members will receive the awards during a ceremony at the white house next week. >>> the principal, the school psychologist and four teachers have been credited with protecting students. the award honors americans who have performed deeds of service for their country or fellow citizens. >> democrats in congress are considering putting limits on the president's use of deadly drone strikes. just yesterday, a leaked memo showed president obama's justification for killing americans overseas working with al-qaida. the drone program is expected to be a top issue when the president's choice has meetings tomorrow. the master mind of the dro
on the same day president obama was meeting with democrats. part of that discussion also involved federal gun legislation. >>> weather wise a quiet day. maryland's most powerful radar all clear as it continues to be. temperature wise low to upper 30s. we hit the 40s earlier today. 38 in denton. 38 in bel air. the next weather maker already on the map, texas low. this is south and west of new orleans now. this will increase in strength as it comes up the coast toward friday. we'll talk about the impact on maryland and points north. it will be cold by early tomorrow morning. that detailed storm report and forecast is straight ahead. >>> it's kind of like quickly approaching the limit on your credit card and not having the money to pay the bit. the city of baltimore is looking at a huge deficit in 10 years if it keeps going the way it is now. we're talking $2 billion. it came in a new study commissioned by the city. it comes with aging infrastructure and pensions. >> if we act now,y and boldly, we can change the tra ject pri for the city. >> her first proposals will be rolled out during the stat
obama are calling for the organization to be more inclusive. just last week, a proposal was introduced to allow individual scout leaders and troops to decide for themselves. >>> the financial struggling u.s. postal service. more on the end of a 150 year tradition. >> no more mail on saturday. to save money, the u.s. postal service is ending saturday first class mail delivery beginning in august. many customers saw this day coming. >> i think it's probably long overdue. they have been having so many issues. >> i have been doing everything online for a really long time. so i don't think it's going to impact my world. >> over the past six years, the postal service lost $41 billion despite laying off 35% of its work force. >> it would be irresponsible for the postal service not to pursue this force. they are in a situation where we are obligated to make some tough choices and decisions. >> local post offices with saturday hours will still be open. mail carriers will continue to deliver express and priority mail as well as packages on saturday. >> there's a strong and growing demand
obama came to annapolis to meet with democratic leaders, hundreds showed up at the statehouse to protest gun control bills. as don harrison explains, it wasn't just gun owners. >> reporter: close to 1,000 people gathered to show their displeasure over governor o'malley's gun restrictions. one of them is the limit of magazine size. the governor wants to ban .45 assault weapons. >> personal liberties are being infringed upon by our politicians who are here by the grace of our votes and they're only temporary employees. >> recently purchased a new gun. i went out to try it. this is the first shot i took with it. >> reporter: one of those politicians who ad to be agree is senator nancy jacobs. >> this bill is an infringement upon everyone's second amendment rights. >> reporter: in a much more serene setting the governor spoke to the senate judicial commit. the room was standing room only. the governor fees anyone who wants to buy a handgun should be forced to get lap license. part of that would mean passing a firearms safety course. >> we are not trying to ban hand guns. this law protects le
forceful warning to date that lawmakers may stall or even block mr. obama's nominee to run the cia. white house counter terrorism advisor john brennan unless the senators get good cooperation from the administration like providing the secret legal memos, quote: congress and the public can decide whether the president's power to deliberately kill american citizens is subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. republican senator susan collins who signed a letter telling fox late today the refusal to release the secret memos is hypocritical. >> obama administration that released all of these opinions from the office of legal counsel about the bush administration's treatment of detainees. so, why the different standards? >> brennan is expected to be pressed thursday not only on the targeted killing program but the cia interrogation program. critics call torture and whether he was or knows the source of these national security leaks to the media shep. >> shepard: you mentioned critics, catherine, many of them are saying the president isn't really living up to his own promises. >> they
;40 intro ---buenas tardes, el presidente obama se reuni hoy con varios dirigentes sindicales para presionar al congreso a que apruebe una reforma migratoria integral este aÑo. take pkg fue un encuentro que 11 millones de indocumentados en estados unidos han estado esperando por aÑos.. el presidente obama recibio hoy a 16 dirigentes sindicales y de grupos pro inmigrantes para continuar el impulso para una reforma migratoria que otorgue la opcin para la ciudadana. casi simultaneamen te, el comit judicial de la cmara baja realiz su primera audiencia sobre inmigracin este aÑo, centrada en la reunificacin familiar... s/ john boehner, house speaker :12 "this is not about being in a hurry, it's about getting it right...." el presidente de la cmara de representant es y principal figura del partido republicano, john boehner, dijo "alentar" todos los esfuerzos bipartidistas al respecto y destaco que no se trata de apresurarse, sino de intentar hacerlo bien en nombre de los estadounidenses y de aquellos que estan sufriendo bajo un sistema migratorio que no funciona bien para nadie. el mandatario re
questions over whether the obama administration is overstepping its bounds. they're among the most controversial and secretive weapons in the war on terror, unmanned drones, used to strike alcoh al qaeda targets worldwide. under fire after nbc news obtained a memo that includes deadly strikes against u.s. citizens that are operational leaders of al qaeda are a lawful act of national self defense. among those targeted, an war al alawki, killed in yemen in 2011. >> it is a chilling dumt document. it sets out the government's intentions to kill american citizens. >> reporter: demanding more transparency about the strikes and is expected to target john brennan during his cia confirmation hearings, beginning tomorrow. president obama on tuesday urged congress to act. >> they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay economically damaging effect of the sequester for a few more months. >> reporter: if you think of it as a t-bone stake, the sequester is like a butcher's knife, lobbing off a big piece. republicans want to avoid the cuts but dis
obama called on congress to pass a small budget now to postpone deep reductions in domestic and defense spending that would start march 1. >> government spending, what the president believes creates economic growth, we shouldn't be having any of these problems at all. >> house speaker john boehner says he doesn't want another temporary fix if there's no long-term agreement to reduce the deficit. some house republicans have indicated they will let the steep automatic cuts take effect. those would take a huge bite out of military and domestic programs. >>> democrats in the virginia state senate have rejected two amendments that would have provided funding for transportation projects in the state. one of the amendments would replace governor mcdonnell's retail sales tax increase with a narrow 5.5% wholesale tax on gasoline. the second amendment would have set the retail fuel tax at 8%. governor mcdonnell issued a statement which said clearly this was all about partisanship, not policy and virginians deserve far better from their elected officials. >>> d.c. mayor gray vincent unveiled new p
in annapolis close. they're back open. the changes had nothing to do with accidents. >> president obama touchdown on marine one. what he needs from senate democrats. >> the video that will have you talking still ahead. pluss -- >> the crowd goes wild. >> the crowd goes wild. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes. [ male announcer ] once you've got verizon fios internet, you get it, the difference 100% fiber optics makes. but don't take our word for it, ask a real fios customer. ask me about the upload speeds. they're sick! [ male announcer ] so go online today and send a tweet to a real fios customer, and they'll tell you themselves just how amazing fios really is. [ female announcer ] so get it now and see for yourself. supercharge your internet speeds. switch to fios internet, tv and phone online for just $94.99 a month and we'll triple your speed for free with an upgrade to fios quantum internet. plus, get $250 back with a 2-year agreement. or, get the free upgrade and this great price with no annual contract. fios brings you unbeatable picture quality, and
manager.. special call tuueayyafternoon. afttrnoon.presiient obama called them to exxend his - on their hard fouggt season..-3 you caal...thanks for hinking pf us...... steedy the way yoo -3 did is realll a preat thing! thing!president obama goes on & po say he can't wait to ccngratulate the eam n perssn.coach harbaugh extended 3 pamiiy toovisst the ravens' traininn facility in owings mills. 3 estimates sayy ooe than 200 --3 thousand fans packed dowwtown por the big victory parade celebration yesterday and the picturesskeep pouring inn inn from ity hall, to the -3 stadium it's being called a once in a lifetimm experieece by baltimore ssorts ffns who and helll to another vince - lombardi trophy. - poel d..smith was theree thrruug it all, and joins us now withhthe best sights and sounds rom a day to remeeber. remember.(aa lib))let's go back o the streets... streets... people watee patiently for houus, and cheered on each anddevery member of the ravvns family as headdcoach john harbaugh, and ssper bowl mvp joe flaacc, who watcc
. this afternoon, president obama called head coach john harbaugh to congratulate the team. and formally invite them to the white house. as the for next year's super bowl there, have been rumors floating around today there would not be a halftime show. the game will be held at met life stadium in east rutherford, new jersey. the first time a game will be held in an open-air arena in a cold weather climate. well today the nfl is debunking rumors. a spokesman called them erroneous. he says says there will be both a pregame and halftime show at met life stadium next year. jim, doreen, back to you. >> thank you. >>> to our weather. calm out there tonight. there could be some changes come friday. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer lets us know what we can expect around here next. hey, doug. >> you are right. calm over the next couple days. i think we need it. we had a lot going on. cold temperatures have been here. seen the snow showers, flurries. yesterday, today. things on the calmer side. that will last. look at the shot. i love this shot of the capital. looking nice. high of 42. low
a quote, obama following radical hollywood liberal right at home here in tennessee. i mean, kentucky. the actress is mulling over a bid against republican leader, mitch mcconnell. the ad was paid for by american cross road. the super pack cofounded by paul roe. >>> more praise for the baltimore ravens. the super bowl champs got a big thumb's up from a house minority leader and baltimore native. >> they beat a mighty champion at the super bowl. as a proud 49er fan who grew up on johnny united in baltimore, going to those games as a teenager and raising my own children on joe montana and steve young, you can just imagine how exciting this game was. >> congresswoman pelosi's district covers that and she was in new orleans for the game. >>> what will go down as one of the easiest drug busts of all time. we'll explain that. you are watching wusa9. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >>> a segment of the population not known
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